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Castle - 5x07

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Short, silly Castle season 3 blooper

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sometimes when beckett looks at castle you can see it in her eyes that she’s thinking about all the places his mouth and hands were just a few hours previously and how she’d really, really like them to be there again

She gets that look a lot. More at the precinct than out, tho. And more in the bullpen than interrogation (but sometimes in interrogation, too)


MY GOD! Could you just STOP? We ALWAYS notice your hair. You don’t have to draw attention to it. (But we love that you do.)

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Honestly, whoever posted this I completely disagree with you.  You must be the type of person that needs it to be something big, but that’s the thing about wedding proposals, they shouldn’t be big.  When someone proposes it needs to be intimate and just the two people involved.  Castle stated his reasons, he asked her at a spot that means something to them. To me, it was a fantastic proposal and much better than half the ones I see on TV. 

THIS^^ I also loved the proposal

Completely agree

And it was the plainest, clearest, most direct form of unconditional love and acceptance. It was saying, yes, you have issues, yes you make my life difficult at times, and yes, sometimes that hurts. And I will call you on it when you are wrong.

But even in the face of that, I love you. I accept you. I want you. You don’t have to be perfect to be loved. You don’t have to put your life on hold to keep healing, because we can do that together. I might need to step away to cool off, but I’m not leaving you. What we have is too good to surrender to fear. So I won’t let you run from it, just because it feels easier. Go if you need to, but we go together.

You aren’t perfect, but you’re still perfect for me. You are worth loving. You are worth fighting for. So I won’t give up.

She thought he’d discovered her failures, and was going to run like hell. And then he said THAT. May we all be so lucky.

The best thing about this show is how it works so well in subtlety and intimacy.  This moment is finally showing Castle without any of the “famous, rich guy” trappings…I can understand not liking how the proposal happened BUT if you honestly think this is going to “ruin their relationship” then you have not been watching this show for the last five years and maybe you should re-watch it…

I kind of want to yell “No!” at everyone who posted above. And give the confessor a high-five. Because while I don’t think their relationship is ruined, the proposal SUCKED. It has nothing to do with grand gestures (I think if Castle had proposed with a grand gesture, Beckett might ACTUALLY shoot him, and be perfectly justified in doing so). It has to do with how fucking MISERABLE he looked! It has to do with the fact that literally right up until the point where he got down on one knee, SHE THOUGHT HE WAS BREAKING UP WITH HER.

I’m sorry, but if someone’s proposing to me, I don’t want to be thinking that they’re about to end the relationship. I don’t want to be miserable leading up to it. And I CERTAINLY don’t want THEM to look miserable WHILE THEY’RE ASKING ME TO MARRY THEM!

He didn’t look serious, he didn’t look intense, he didn’t look loving, he looked downtrodden.

That’s not the hallmark of a good proposal.

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kate beckett + looking down

kate beckett + looking down

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