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sometimes when beckett looks at castle you can see it in her eyes that she’s thinking about all the places his mouth and hands were just a few hours previously and how she’d really, really like them to be there again

She gets that look a lot. More at the precinct than out, tho. And more in the bullpen than interrogation (but sometimes in interrogation, too)



101 reasons to ship Castle and Beckett

I knew I would love this just from the title! I am expecting every follower of mine to watch this.

reblogging this again as i reach # 50 and i’m dying people. DYING

Favorites: 8, 46 (OW), 55, 66, 72, 77, 84, 95, 96

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[Castle] Fidelis Ad Mortem

*Spoilers for Season 5*

Clips: ©ABC Studios*
Music: ©Auracle Music*
Song Choice: Auracle Music - Epic Legend*

A 2 min trailer for a MOCK Season 6 finale of ABC’s Castle with a press release that would look something like this:

“FIDELIS AD MORTEM” (A SPECIAL 2 HOUR SEASON FINALE) - While Beckett and her team slowly piece together the shredded file holding the answers to her mother’s murder, Senator William H. Bracken has been gearing up for his presidential bid and sees only one thing standing in his way- NYPD Detective Kate Beckett.

When the Detective receives a terrifying call from Castle, she’s forced to take matters into her own hands, sending her on a tailspin spiralling out of control. Fearing the worse, Esposito and Ryan scramble to find the evidence they need to finally put the Senator away for good before Beckett ends her career and lose another person she loves for the sake of Bracken’s political ambitions.

Just dealing with some multi-timeline audio work.

*This is meant for my own educational purposes only (most definitely not for profit of any kind). No Copyright Infringement Intended.



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5x03 | 5x23

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Stana: Oh my Gosh…

*Stana laughing*

Marlowe: This is a subtle metaphor for what it means to work closely with one another, work closely together.

(Andrew Marlowe, Stana Katic, Terri Edda Miller, and Nathan Fillion episode commentary)

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